Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

November 9, 2020 Off By Ronald Kim

Korean fall style will definitely remind us of many scenes in Korean dramas. Being a country that has 4 seasons, South Korea certainly experiences autumn. As a country that is always at the forefront of fashion, it also provides many interesting autumn fashion ideas to follow.

When autumn arrives, it’s a good idea to prepare clothes that are a little warm because the air will be cooler and humid. In addition, usually, the wind will blow faster than other seasons.

This season can also be one of the right times to highlight Korean-style fashion because you can combine many styles at once in one appearance. If you don’t live in Korea, it’s no problem. You can still adopt their fall looks for both the rainy and windy seasons.

Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Using Warm Clothes but Still Fashionable with Korean Fall Style

Wearing warm clothes is indeed the best choice in autumn or rainy season. One of the right options is a turtleneck. This shirt can keep you warm even on windy days, but still give you that fashionable-look.

Besides wearing a turtleneck, you can also combine it with your favorite coat. You can choose a long or medium coat; you can adjust this to your taste and needs. This appearance will be more perfect if you wear high boots. This appearance definitely makes you look more elegant.

But if you are a fan of simple styles, then you can choose a sweater combined with trousers. Striped trousers can also add a fashionable impression when combined with a plain sweater. But if you like plain ones, than you can give a monochrome look a try.

One of the characteristics of the sweater in the Korean style is its jumbo size. Besides that, you can also insert a little of the sweater side into the pants to give it a cooler look. You can also perfect your style by wearing sneakers.

Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Korean Fall Style Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Look Casual by Wearing Fashionable Streetwear

If you are not the type who likes to wear a coat, then a jacket can be the right choice for your Korean fall style. There are many types of jacket that can be your choice, but bomber jackets are one of the must-have items if you want to adopt the Korean style in autumn.

Bomber jackets are usually made of waterproof material so it is safe from splashes of water or raindrops. In addition, the material is light but still warm when worn https://judidepositpulsa88.com/; this is perfect for those of you who don’t like to be complicated in dressing.

You can mix this one fashion item with jeans or loose culottes. Culottes can provide comfort for you because the material tends to be soft and loose so you can move freely. If you choose this, then you can mix it with sneakers to add a casual impression that you want to highlight.

Facing fall and the rainy season is not an obstacle for you to still look attractive. You can look attractive by adopting the various ideas above. That way, you can look attractive, but still warm by using Korean fall style ideas.