Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

October 13, 2020 Off By Ronald Kim

It is not only K-Pop, the Korean fashion style is also becoming a new trend. A lot of people, especially women, really adore the way how the Korean people wear their clothes. This fashion gets so popular since the drama and music of that country are famous.

If you are addicted to the drama from Korea, it is a common thing to see that the actor and actress there wear a super stylish fashion. That style is not always the formal suit or dress, but also for the casual look.

Actually, making that kind of fashion style is not that difficult. You don’t need to always buy the new stuff. As long as you can mix and match the items in your closet, it is enough. Here are some ideas to create the best Korean fashion style for a woman.

Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

Oversize White T-Shirt

You can start with a casual look. Just like other common rules to look casual, you can only prepare the T-Shirt and denim pants. In this case, you can prepare a white T-Shirt and black pants. Denim pants with the scratched models will be better.

One of the most well-known Korean styles is the use of black and white outfits. Korean girls prefer to wear big clothes than fitted clothes. You can also wear a baggy white blouse top combined with black slim-fit jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

To enhance this Korean fashion style look, wear a sneaker that has a lot of white color in it. It means that the white color must dominate that sneaker. Tuck a little T-shirt in the front part into your denim pants. You are ready to go.

Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

Stylish Korean Fashion Style Guides for Woman

Striped Top with Black Culottes

The T-shirt with stripes motif never dies. This kind of outfit is one of the most popular items for people in Korea. It will be easy for you to see that some singers, actors, and actresses wear it on several occasions.

This striped top can make you look cute when paired with long black or neutral culottes. You can also add a coat in a matching color with your top. Make this look is better with oxford shoes and other accessories. The hats or necklaces would be great.

For a tip, it is better to wear the cream-colored long coat. This coat usually has black buttons in it, so that it is good to enhance this Korean fashion style. You can use this style for various moments.

Looks more feminine with a Sweater

Some of you may adore the beautiful and feminine look of some Korean actress. If it is so, you can wear your oversized sweater. It is better to choose a sweater in cute and soft colors such as pink. It is more recommended.

To get the feminine ‘taste’, combine it with a mini skirt. The black or dark blue skirt is good. Since the sweater is plain, you can choose a skirt with several motifs. The examples are like cube motifs and more.

Don’t forget to tuck the front part of your sweater into that skirt. To make this look is more fashionable, style your hair perfectly. Tie your hair to the side. Some women will wear their brown sling bag for this Korean fashion style.