Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

November 20, 2020 Off By Ronald Kim

Korean summer styles are very popular with many people because of the colors it displays. Summer has become one of the favorite seasons for many people who live in sub-tropical areas. In this season, the air is warmer, so people are freer to wear clothes. Besides, this season is identical with long school holidays.

During the summer, usually, people will take a vacation to various places to spend their holiday. At that time, they collided with each other in their fashion styles. Just like in any other sub-tropical countries in the world, in Korea, it is indeed the best season of the year.

The clothes do tend to be richer in color with short cuts that feature multiple body parts such as the arms, stomach, and thighs. Not only girls in general, Korean idols often show off their holiday outfits on social media platforms.

Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

Korean Summer Styles to Make You Look Tomboyish and Casual

Looks tomboyish and casual can be an option for those of you who don’t want to look too sexy during the holiday. You can combine crop shirts with short jeans overalls. This combination makes you more freedom to move and not stifling when the sun is hot.

A simple mini dress can also be an option for you. You can add accessories such as hats and add sneakers so that your appearance is not too feminine. You can choose bright colors like green, yellow, or bright blue to add a fresh impression to your appearance.

Apart from the two options above, you can also choose a look that is no less simple, namely a tank top and shorts. You can pair a bright tank top with drawstring shorts or hot-pants jeans. Sneakers can also complement your overall look.

But if you don’t want to look too open, you can wear jogger pants combined with a plain tank top and your favorite jeans jacket to add an edgy impression. To complete your Korean summer styles look, you can wear sneakers.

Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

Colorful Korean Summer Styles for a Cheerful Look

More Feminine Looks for the Hot Days

Who says you can’t wear long clothes in summer? You can combine a long spaghetti strap dress with a striped short tee. Sneakers and hats are mandatory items that you must wear to make your appearance more attractive.

Another option that you can consider is a mini skirt paired with a plain t-shirt. You can choose a mini skirt with a ruffle to add a cheerful impression. You can choose white or pastel t-shirts so that your appearance doesn’t look too much.

Besides that, one of the items that you can’t leave out when June comes is a floral shirt. Wearing a short, brightly colored shirt with a floral print will give you a fresh and cheerful impression. You can combine it with drawstring shorts or boyfriend jeans.

Looking good when summer arrives must be the desire of many people. Especially if you are a fashionista, you definitely don’t want to miss this moment to explore different styles. There are definitely many Korean summer styles ideas you can try.