Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

November 29, 2020 Off By Ronald Kim

Korean winter style recommendations have begun to be sought after, especially for those who live or are visiting snowy countries. Even though the weather is cold, you definitely want to look fashionable like in Korean dramas.

The change of seasons is indeed a change in fashion trends. This happens everywhere, South Korea is no exception. The fashion item you need in winter should definitely be warmer than it is in autumn.

Approaching winter, usually, fashion catalogs will start displaying warm clothes, scarfs, socks, and boots to keep your body warm. For those of you who are fashion lovers; looking fashionable in this season is something you have to think about carefully.

Don’t get the wrong costume because you don’t know what to wear or avoid when winter arrives. You can start making a list of what fashion items are useful and you need when it starts to snow.

Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

Korean Winter Style is about Fashion and Comfort

The coat is one of the mandatory fashion items that you must have this season. You can choose a coat of various sizes, but usually, the long coat is one of the most sought after. This is because a long coat can give you an elegant look, but still make you feel warm throughout the day.

It’s not complete if you don’t have a sweater this season. You can choose an oversized sweater to add a Korean style impression to your appearance. Besides being warm, oversized sweaters can disguise the body shape. You can combine it with a shirt on the inside so that you don’t look boring.

Jackets can also be an option if you don’t really like long coats or sweaters. There are many choices of jackets that you can wear this season, such as jackets made from corduroy, leather jackets, parkas, or oversized bomber jackets. Wearing a jacket can make your Korean winter style looks more casual.

Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

Items You Should Have for Korean Winter Style Look

Accessories to Complete Your Winter Look

Apart from the cool outer, you also need a supporting fashion item for your overall appearance. Usually, this season people would wear a scarf to warm up their neck. You can choose a color that matches the other items that you use so that your appearance looks more stunning.

Besides the scarf, you can also consider a beanie as a touch of your appearance. In addition, wearing a beanie can also make the head area warmer. Korean winter style can also look more chic and trendy when you add a beanie to your appearance.

For shoe choices, you can choose from boots to sneakers. Waterproof boots can be your choice for walking on snowy roads. You also have to choose shoes with materials that can warm your feet and anti-slip soles so you don’t slip on the road. Besides that, you should also add socks for more comfort.

The number of fashion items that you can choose from can give you ideas to mix & match styles according to your wishes. The most important thing is to stay nice and warm. You can adopt Korean winter style ideas for a more fashionable appearance even though the weather is not friendly.